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Social Blue

Lead generation via Facebook

The potential of Social Blue

Social Blue is an international expert in sales and lead generation via Facebook.
We gather hundreds of thousands of leads for our customers from
all over the world.

Image by Adam Burns

Nice to meet you meetyou

Hi, we are Social Blue! And for us, Facebook is a way of life. Our team of over 40 specialists in social media marketing, content marketing, neuromarketing and web design, makes us an expert in lead generation via Facebook. Each month we gather hundreds and thousands of leads from all over the world!

Tim Roemer
CEO & Owner
Kees Verberne
Chief Financial OfficerCFO
Bart Kramer
Director of Sales
Arie Kaagman
Chief Technology OfficerCTO
Linda Jansen
Senior Social Media MarketeerSr. Social Media Marketeer
Othman Namri
Claudia Dekker
Senior Designer
Linda Haarlem
Koen Verhoeff
Head of Marketing
Patrick Haring
Head of Campaign StrategyHead of Campaign Strat.
Kevin Bruggink
Head of Business DevelopmentHead of BD
Stefan de Lange
Sander Janssen
Bart Stavenuiter
PHP Programmer
Daphne Kok
Senior Social Media MarketeerSr. Social Media Marketeer
Jeanine de Konnigh
Senior Social Media MarketeerSr. Social Media Marketeer
Marleen Blokker
Senior Social Media MarketeerSr. Social Media Marketeer
Kay Lakeman
Front End Developer
Mark Broersen
PHP Programmer
Sam Drentje
Head of Performance
Jordy Schreuder
Campaign Manager
Robin ten Hove
Senior Social Media MarketeerSr. Social Media Marketeer
Theun Sijm
Social Media Marketeer
Linda Wildschut
Teammanager Response MarketingTeammanager RM
Sjoerd Knol
Head of Campaign ManagementHead of Campaign Manag.
Jeroen Wind
Campaign Manager
Rianne Doeve
Eveline Morlang
Social Media Marketeer
Bram Delver
Marketeer & Copywriter
Henny Beutick
Office Manager
Maider Sánchez Elizondo
Chief Happiness OfficerCHO
Joeri Ursem
Joost Boumans
Robbin Schepers
PHP Programmer
Marisa Jiménez
Campaign Manager
Yenti Tan
Campaign Manager
Floor van Paassen
Robin Polderman
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WhySocial Blue

Social Blue is the Facebook marketing specialist. We're an expert in generating clicks, likes, leads, conversions and sales through effective Facebook campaigns. Thanks to our sophisticated direct marketing approach, we are able to achieve the perfect ROI for our international clients.

With Social Blueyou'll get:

Customization & quality

You'll receive large volumes of quality leads, generated via your own website or a customized response page.

Specialism & Expertise

Doing Business with Social Blue means doing business with one of the most desired suppliers for Facebook marketing in Europe. Constant direct contact with Facebook keeps us up to date on the latest developments.

Reach & Engagement

Social Blue is internationally active and focusses on developing strategies that ensure a high engagement and contribute to a pleasant Facebook user experience.

Why it works



Facebook has an unprecedented large reach, each of the 1.32 billion users is there for you to involve and activate.



Thanks to the many segmentation and targeting possibilities Facebook has, we are able to reach every possible target group. There is even a possibility to upload your own data. By using this, we can reach your existing users, or if necessary, exclude them. By creating lookalike audiences, it's possible to reach consumers who have the same characteristics as your current customers. Our point: Facebook is the perfect tool to generate the leads you need.



It's possible to generate leads wherever and whenever you want. Quick responses to certain topics and life events such as cohabitation, child birth or birthdays allows us to perfectly time your campaign.



Your campaign is up and running and soon enough your leads are finding you. Would you like to modify or adjust something? This can be done with just a few clicks and in real-time.



Being able to reach your potential consumers via various devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops; makes it possible to reach them almost everywhere, even on holiday!



Social Blue has activities in
over 50 countries. Each
month new markets are
added to that number.


Social Blue has its own
exclusive audience of over
2 million fans through several
successful Facebook pages


Social Blue is cooperating
with hundreds of
international parties.


Social Blue publishes
over 25.000 Facebook
ads per month.


With these ads, Social Blue
realizes 10 million advertising
views per day on Facebook.


Social Blue gets
dedicated training from
Facebook on a monthly basis.


Social Blue runs its own
design studio to create
perfect ads and web pages.

Social Blue is cooperating with hundreds of international parties, such as:
Interested in a cooperation?


To continuously achieve large volumes of leads for our customers, we have developed a successful method. Let us take you through it in 5 steps:


We develop aresponse page for you

The first step in our process is to determine whether you need a response page. If you already have a page where your leads can be registered, we will deliver a tracking pixel so we can track conversions. No suitable landing page yet? We are happy to advise you in creating an effective response page. Would you prefer to outsource this to us? We are able to develop an optimized landing page for you, perfectly matching to the look & feel of your brand or organization.

We test your campaign

We'll ask you for the conditions and guidelines that should be taken into account for the leads. Think of demographics, interests or backgrounds. You will tell us what you are able to invest in a lead and based on this fee, we will develop a test campaign. You will receive a preview of the ads we create, and after approval we will start testing with a small budget. This to see if the amount per lead you have in mind is realistic and achievable.

Example post

A new revolutionary hearing aid is on the market! This hearing aid is equipped with advanced technologies, and able to provide you with great quality of sound while remaining almost invisible.

Would you like to test it for free? Click here
Schoonenberg is looking for peope who want to test their hearing aid!
Participation is free and without any obligations.
Click here for more information
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We optimizeyour campaign

As Facebook experts, our team has developed several optimization strategies. We know exactly how to reach the right audience for your campaign. Additional segmentation options can be used to enlarge or reduce the audience and make the most of Custom Audiences. This is the perfect way to reach more engagement and optimize the campaign for a lower cost per lead

No cure,no pay

Now that we have developed a campaign that delivers quality leads, we'll discuss the volume that should be delivered. We agree on a budget and deliver you the agreed amount of leads. You only pay for leads that meet the predetermined conditions. No cure, no pay!

Lead quality

To keep the volume and the quality of the leads optimal, we will be in regular contact. For example: If you notice that you received too many male profiles and wish to receive more female profiles, we will adjust the campaign in order to correct this. We will constantly check if the lead quality is sufficient. Based on your feedback, we can adjust the campaign. Satisfied? We are more than happy to increase the volume!

through inspiration

For every 5 minutes you spent on your phone, you use Facebook or Instagram 1 minute. But is your brand or product shown on Instagram? And do you know the essential differences and similarities between Facebook and instagram?

Social Blue can inspire your potential audience and existing customers through Instagram to generate direct leads in the form of emails or phone numbers. Other options are negotiable.

Campaign types

Clicks to your website

•      Redirect your audience to your website through targeted ads that fit with Instagram.

Mobile App Installs

•      Targeted ads that inspire your audience to download your app. Social Blue tells your story through qualitative visuals.

Video Views

•      Tell your story through video? That's possible. Moreover, Social Blue creates ads that are optimized for reach, so that you're sure you're reaching your target audience. Social Blue even has the possibility to create video footage with you. Enquire about the options!

Contact us

Ad types

Photo ads

•      With photo ads, Social Blue tells your story through impressive imagery. Whether it is to inspire people to approach your brand or take action, both are possible.

Carousel ads

•      Carousel ads infuse an ad with depth and interaction. Users can swipe through the ad to see different visuals. A call-to-action button ensures this interaction then turns into an actual action.

Video ads

•      Video ads offer the same canvas as ads with images, only now with power of sound and movement. Starting this year, it's possible to share videos of 30 seconds maximum.



Social Blue is specialized in effective lead generation campaigns through Facebook & Instagram for a range of charities including Greenpeace, WWF, Diabetes Fund and IFAW. We have grown to be the #1 Facebook Performance Agency and are in direct contact with Facebook in Dublin. This allows us to communicate quickly, possess additional tools and to be invited on a regular basis to beta test new functionalities of the platform.

Annually, we recruit hundreds of thousands of new donors for charities. We do this through campaigns, whereby Social Blue takes care of the entire strategy, including the creation of dedicated response pages. Only a fixed fee per lead is to be paid. There are no additional costs. Social Blue works for dozens of charities in over 20 countries, achieving a very high ROI by generating leads of exceptional quality.

Besides finding new donors, Social Blue also runs campaigns for more donations from existing donors, finding volunteers and setting up texting campaigns.

Social Blue speaks as the partner of charities
on various international trade fairs.

Our clients include:


World Wildlife Fund

Petition signatures

Social Blue has, in collaboration with WWF, set up a Facebook and Instagram campaign to stop illegal poaching in Vietnam. With this campaign Social Blue gave WWF 25.000 potential new donors in just 6 weeks.

Download this case

Atelier Goldner Schnitt

Newsletter subscribers

For the German clothing store Atelier Goldner Schnitt, Social Blue has generated newsletter subscriptions in the Netherlands. The objective of the campaign was to reach female seniors who are already buying fashion products both offline as well as online (Omnishoppers). This campaign has shown a 10% higher conversion rate in comparison to other sources Atelier Goldner Schnitt is using. Read the entire case on Facebook.

View this case

NS International

Newsletter subscribers

Social Blue is a performance based company. 'A big plus', says Joost Kaart at N.S. International: 'that is exactly what we were looking for. The number of subscribers topped our expectations and the overall quality of the leads is excellent'. Social Blue generates e-mail subscribers for N.S. International on a monthly basis. View this case for more info about the N.S. International campaign.

View this case


App downloads

With the goal of generating a large amount of app downloads in a short period of time, Social Blue created a Facebook ad campaign for Scoupy. This campaign realized an impressive 25% conversion ratio and twice the reach of other campaigns with similar budgets. Read more about the campaign in this case.

View this case



Yves Debrabandere

Vacansoleil wanted Social Blue to generate more requests for their holiday catalogue via Facebook. Social Blue has proven that they could reach the right audience for Vacansoleil. The quality of delivered leads is very high and Vacansoleil is very positive about the collaboration with Social Blue.

ABC Consultancy

Auke Boersma

Social Blue has proven itself as a reliable partner when it comes to quality in lead generation. The years of experience they have in offline and online lead generation, perfectly translated into successful use of social media. Their team of Facebook specialists know how to find the right audience for their clients. If my clients want to have a continuous lead flow with high quality leads, I will contact Social Blue.


Ilse van den Heijkant

GFK cooperates with Social Blue to recruit new member for surveys conducted by GFK. Social Blue has proven to reach the desired target group of GFK via Facebook, and convert them into new active members.


Valentijn Bras, CEO Scoupy B.V.

Facebook marketing agency Social Blue successfully pushed facebook ads to reach price-conscious consumers who want to save on their purchases. And of course, for even more people to join the SCOUPY community and enjoy all discounts and offers.

Fiber NL

Martijn van den Bosch, Online Marketeer

It's a challenge for us to contact the right audience at the right time. Social Blue facilitates in this regard with the Facebook campaign. With the leads, we can directly contact potential customers who are interested in a competitive offer.


Marélie Sweep-Steensma, Senior Marketeer

Social Blue proves to be the #1 Facebook Agency in Europe when it comes to Direct Response. As an NGO we are really happy with the quality of the leads that Social Blue delivers.


Contact Info


Nieuwe Steen 27
1625 HV Hoorn
The Netherlands


Terms and conditions

2015 Social Blue

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